Barefoot Dreams Luxury Piped PJ's Black

So here's the thing...these pjs are damn expensive...when we first started carrying them years ago, we thought they wouldn't sell, the price was high for pjs. Then we tried them on, which led to us buying them, which led to us now owning them in every colour and having full confidence that these are quite literally the softest, comfiest pjs in existence. We've had everyone from teens, BIG celebs, cancer patients even a 102 year old lady buy these pjs and to date, not one of our customers has been disappointed in them. The quality is spectacular, they wash and dry beautifully, they wear very well and they are sooooo pretty! They are one of our top selling items store wide and there's no sign of that slowing down or changing. 

If you decide to buy these fancy pjs, you have our word...they will be your fav! 


67% Modal, 28% Acrylic from Milk Fiber and 5% Spandex

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