The Brand New Freeloader Hooded Sweater

Yes... we get it... calming down isn't really an option here! FINALLY!!!! After years of wearing and loving the short and 3/4 sleeve version of this gorgeous sweater WE NOW HAVE A NEW STYLE!!! OK... So here's the lowdown... basically we have taken the top selling sweater, added a soft hood, one that you can throw on if you have to run into the grocery store in the rain, added a kangaroo pocket... super practical with small openings so that everything doesn't fall out, and we added a light weight but longer sleeve for the winter months (of course these are sleeves that you can ruche up if you want. 

Is this the perfect sweeter? That's for you to decide but to us... IT'S INCREDIBLE!

Fit is true to size, Alaina is wearing a small

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