Smoky Quartz Elixir Water Bottle

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Our crystal elixir water bottles are 100% safe, we only use quartz crystals in our  bottles. If you are considering exploring other homemade elixirs, we encourage you to do your research because some gems are not safe to place in your drinking water.

 Smoky Quartz  

• grounding

• relaxation

• protection

• power

 Smoky quartz elixirs are perfect for the ambitious. Sometimes we get caught up in our art, work, or taking on too much at once. Let smoky quartz bring you back down to earth and serve as a reminder to take it all in, one step at a time. This stone has been known to help relieve anxiety. It will ground you through your ups & downs. With this elixir, you will feel safe in your space, protected from anything negative. This groundedness will make you feel powerful. And feeling powerful gives you freedom.




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