Smash & Tess Winter Lounger Navy

It’s cozy, it’s soft, it’s cool, it’s loose… it’s everything that you never really knew that you needed. Want to curl up and read a book? Want to then lose interest in the book and binge a little Netflix (while scrolling on your phone, of course)? But then you want a snack and so you scour your fridge only to find 3-day old pizza and two different kinds of mustard? Nervermind, it’s time to text your bestie and meet up for some serious brunching that turns into shopping that turns into a late matinee? But then you realize you’re hungry again and so you decide to go to dinner and have cocktails? Ok, well if this sounds like you… we’ve got your perfect outfit planned to take you from sofa to supper. THE WINTER LOUNGER. It’s really all you need to wear… like ever. Let’s leave it at that.

This cozy stunner in Modest Marine is all kinds of YAY! It’s comfortable and flattering on all body types and versatile AF… (aka. And Fabulous … what did you think we meant?​!​.) Made from a Rayon, Poly, and Spandex blend, the soft and cozy, thick ribbed jersey is warm like a sweater, but without the itchiness that often comes with wool blends! With arms that you can slouch up if that’s your jam, and a silhouette that falls from the bustline, this mock-necked Winter Lounger is just the coziness that the season is asking for! 

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