Pure Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz is a rosy pink variety of the Quartz stone.

It is known as the love stone and is also considered best for the vibrations of love, joy, healing, self-care, and anti-inflammatory properties. This beautiful stone comes with a powerful energy that works within both the heart chakra and the area related to the compassion. Along with this, it is also believed to raise self-esteem, balance emotions, lower stress, and restore self-confidence.

It is also known that the Goddess Isis used rose quartz stones as facial massage stones beside the Nile River to prevent the wrinkles and keep her skin crystal clear.

Egyptians believed that the rose quartz stone comes with miraculous anti-ageing properties. Packed with minerals like iron, sodium, silicium, magnesium, sodium, and oxygen, the Rose Quartz facial roller heals the skin, rejuvenates it, and also has the ability to reduce inflammation.

Silica holds your skin together and gives it exceptional flexibility; Magnesium slows down the aging process; Iron regulates the blood circulation, and Sodium fights up the free radicals.

All of these elements allow the renewal of skin and improves the dull complexion. Moreover, it will also work, if you are a night person, as its calms your skin and preps it for the night.

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