Our Famous Floral Arrangment Disks

Turn any jar into the perfect vase with these unique hand made ceramic floral disks! These disks take that little bouquet you picked on your walk home and turn it into an instagram dream pic, keeping stems upright, not allowing them to bend over and flop!

Place the ceramic disc on top of glass cups, mason jars and more to create your very own one of a kind floral arrangements. Available in both small and large.

Small measures approx. 3" diameter and fits wide mouth 8 oz. jelly jar -Large measures approx. 4.25" diameter and fits wide mouth pint/regular quart size mason jar

Alaina has kinda become famous for giving these as gifts to friends and family and we constantly have people calling the store asking if we sell them because someone saw them at someones house that Alaina gave as a gift... sooooo....now we do!

Each disk is hand made and is dishwasher safe and heavy metal free. 

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