The Famous Coatigan

It's now or never! Colours are slowly being deleted from this file as they sell out and there are no more coatigans coming before Christmas!! Don't miss out! We have been told that these will be selling on eBay and Amazon for hundreds of dollars in Dec because NOONE is getting new stock! Get yours now!!

It's a sweater, it's a robe, it's a blanket... it's basically the most versatile and cozy item you will ever own. We cannot tell you how obsessed we are with the coatigan. We have carried it now for 6 years and throughout that time it has remained one of our #1 selling items in the shop! Talk about longevity! This one size fits all piece really does fit all sizes, shapes and ages. An absolute essential for all seasons, especially fall and winter!  Whether you're a hockey mom, a fashion model, a grandma or a student running back and forth to classes YOU need this piece in your closet!!

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