Make Your Drinks Sparkle!

These are too cute!!!

In a nutshell, a few drops added to any beverage makes it sparkle! Yes... we are very serious! Imagine having the girls over for a glass of bubbly and serving bejewelled champagne? This dream is now a reality with sparkle drops! We are OBSESSED with this fun, unique gifting item! These taste so yummy, they add just a pinch of sweet flavour, colour and SPARKLE! 

Perfect for kids too!

Add a couple of drops for a slight glimmer and 10-12 drops for a fun bright coloured sparkly drink! 

Straight from London, UK

About the brand:

Sparkle Drops was born from a love of all things sparkly, and a glass or two of anything bubbly! Whilst sat looking out at the sunset with a Prosecco in hand, founder Jo was yearning for a dash of fresh fruity flavour to enhance her drink when she noticed her lip gloss had made the glass shimmery & sparkly! Could we have both? Sparkle and fun flavour? YESSS! Fast forward to the present where her desire for a deliciously natural flavour, combined with a simply fabulous aesthetic has leant itself to many new products and varieties all under the Sparkle Drops umbrella!

The Mermaid Set - Marshmallow, Ocean Berry and Black Current

The Unicorn Set - Cherry, Passion Fruit, Blue Raspberry

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