Inkbox 2 Week Tattoos

Inkbox is a tattoo brand that empowers customers with the ultimate tool for self-expression. The ink develops in your skin to create a tattoo that lasts 1-2 weeks, fading as your skin naturally regenerates.

The magic behind Inkbox is their proprietary For Now Ink™. It’s this semi-permanent tech that sets them apart from all the temp tattoos you knew as a kid.

Our tattoos are clinically tested, plant-based, leaping bunny certified and easily applied at home, no needles required. - Most temp tattoos only last a few days. Inkbox lasts 1-2 weeks, gradually fading as your skin exfoliates. - Shower, sweat, and go about your day. Just avoid scrubbing and you’re good to go. - One of the problems with temp tattoos is that they never actually looked real... until now.

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