Luna x London - Everything's Going To Be Ok

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You know those days when everything seems to be going wrong and you're in the grocery store lineup wondering how you're going to survive another day? Imagine the girl in front of you happens to have a tiny little message on the shoulder of her shirt that says "Everything's going to be ok"

Suddenly you know with your entire heart that it is...everything IS going to be ok. 

That was our process of thought when designing this shirt. We want to spread positivity, spread love, and give that lost girl in the line up behind us the little pick me up she needs to get through it, without even knowing her story. 

We LOVE this shirt. It's not only our top seller, but its also our personal fav. 

The fit is super flattering on all body types, it has a soft flowing tummy without looking like a maternity top, it's the perfect length to wear with your favourite jeans or leggings and it tucks in perfectly to all pants. All of out tops are eco friendly, made in Canada or the United States and are hand tagged and quality inspected by local women.

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