Cozy Packable Layering Jacket

How many times have you left your jacket at home thinking it's warm enough out that you wont need it and then you get where you're going and you're freezing!? Yes, me too! 

Everyone needs one of these cozy jackets that slips into your handbag so you'll never be left cold again. Last year when we brought these in, every mom was trying to get her hands on one because we all thought it was perfect for having in our purses for any member of the family, any time of year!

I purchased one of these last year and have absolutely LOVED it. On cold nights, I wear this under my Canada Goose jacket and on cool nights, I wear it alone. I also have one in the glove box in my truck because you never know when you're going to need a snuggly (and adorable) jacket! 

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