Pippa Trench Cardigan

Three years running this has been one of our top selling cardigans in the shop and we are convinced this will be its biggest year yet! Two of the three biggest trends of the season are 1. trench and 2. oversized, combine that with extremely high quality material and stitching and a collar that screams designer and you have the Pippa Trench Cardi, an absolute must have for winter!

This is one of the softest trench cardigans we have in the shop right now! As soon as a customer picks this one up off the shelf, we know because there's always a comment that follows something like, "what the heck is this made out of" WE LOVE IT!!! 

Slightly oversized but no real need to size up because the look is meant to be a little  slouchy! You'll love this sweater!

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