Clear Quartz Elixir Water Bottle BACK IN STOCK

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Our crystal elixir water bottles are 100% safe, we only use quartz crystals in our  bottles. If you are considering exploring other homemade elixirs, we encourage you to do your research because some gems are not safe to place in your drinking water.

Clear Quartz

• energy

• clarity

• cleansing

• positivity

 Use this elixir for when you need to stay focused. This beautiful reminder that clarity is present, will help foster the energy within you to turn anything negative into positive, productive energy. Clear quartz is known as the master healer so, when in doubt, turn to your Clear Quartz Bottle for health in any area of your life. As this elixir is truly powerful, the real power comes from within you. Your Bottle is there so that you may stay hydrated and be present in the moment, just as you are, now.

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