Amethyst Elixir Water Bottle BACK IN STOCK!!!

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Our crystal elixir water bottles are 100% safe, we only use quartz crystals in our  bottles. If you are considering exploring other homemade elixirs, we encourage you to do your research because some gems are not safe to place in your drinking water.


• calm

• intuition

• creativity

• sobriety

 Use the Amethyst Bottle in times when you are in need of soothing. Let its beauty serve to turn your frequency from negative to creative. This elixir has been known to enhance already existing psychic abilities, which we all possess but may need to be nurtured. We recommend drinking this crystal elixir before sleep as a way to easily see your dreams as clear answers to questions or issues in your waking life. Amethyst is also known for being a sobriety stone and may support those struggling with addiction or mental illness.



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