Mini Bedside Flower Vase

If there is one thing I adore, it's a teeny vase with some pretty little wildflowers that the kids pick on their walks inside it. These little ceramic hand made vases stamped with 'love you' are the perfect gift for any woman in your life. Pop them on your bedside table for the perfect morning pick me up. These also look gorgeous in the kitchen with a pinch of fresh herbs inside! 

These flower vases are all glazed in really natural colours that don't vary much, all of them are gorgeous but if you have a specific glaze tone that you want, leave that request in the order notes and we'll do our best to accommodate! Your best bet is to come by the shop and shop in person if you're super specific as these are shipped to us in assortments and sell super quickly in store so meeting colour tone requests is very difficult. xo

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