Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

Our gorgeous custom made water bottles are finally here! These aren't your average crystal water bottles...we made sure they are the best of the best!

For starters, our crystals are NOT from China, they are imported from Brazil and are in their natural state (no dyes or shine agents used) Most water bottles on the market have either dyed or paint coated quartz stones from China and can even contain lead in some cases!

Our water bottles use no glue or harmful substances in production, they are made with glass and stainless steel. Even the crystals themselves are hand wired into the bottom of the bottle, using glues and adhesives in something ng you're drinking out of is just gross!! 

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone! It's healing properties are centred around emotional well being and love. It is known to calm the body after trauma, it helps with stress and anxiety and it promotes love and compassion. It is thought that drinking from a rose quartz bottle allows the water to flush the negative and toxic energy from your internal system. Many holistic psychiatric facilities are using rose quartz to help their patient accept their past and heal themselves.

Whether you're buying it just for its beautiful appearance or for its healing properties, the gorgeous pink tinted rose stone is a true beauty!


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