Kaitlyn Leggings - ESSENTIAL- IN STOCK

Our first order of these sold out within 30 minutes, our second order sold out within 30 minutes!!! Our massive pre-order release even sold out! 
Now that we’ve filled all of our pre-order orders, we’ve added a very small amount of additional units to the website!! This is your last chance! Grab your Kaitlyn leggings while you can!!

So leggings are one of those things that can be a game changer in your wardrobe. You buy a pair of cheap leggings, after a few washes they look ratty and faded and they are probably (without your knowledge or consent) see thru in the bum :( 

We've been on the hunt for the perfect leggings for a long time. We have customers asking every day for the perfect leggings but we refused to bring in crap leggings that are see thru and dont hug your body in all the right places. Then we met Kaitlyn.

These leggings are just the right thickness, they are super high rise making sure they hold in and up all the goods, they have a classy (not trashy) foil print to them making them look like chic faux leather. They are EVERYTHING. 


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