The Aspen Sherpa Shacket

From the moment we saw this gorgeous shacket sample back in August, we were immediately head over heels for it. We have been on the hunt for the perfect sherpa shacket for a reallllly long time but we had a list of things it HAD to have before we committed.

Firstly, it had to have luxury, high quality sherpa. We don't want to mess around with junk sherpa and 90% of the samples we were being sent were just that, junk. They looked like if you walked too close to a candle, you would light up lol. 

Next, the fit had to be perfect. Many of the samples we got were too long and some were too short. We wanted that perfect mid length shacket that everyone is looking for right now and we wanted it to fit! Not massive (so many of them were massive) and not tight (just no) It had to be the perfect fit and perfectly true to size.

Lastly we wanted it to be affordable. Some of the sherpa shackets out there are literally $200 and they are made in china and many of them are even made by our same supplier just labelled differently with some fancy dancey golden label! No thanks!! We fought hard to keep the price at around $80 because we wanted the shacket to be significantly under $100.

Here it is... from us to you.. the perfect sherpa shacket just in time for Christmas, we hope you love it as much as we do! xo


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